Nestled in the Canisteo Valley of Upstate New York, Hornell has all the business performance capabilities of a large city, but with the comforts and affordability of a smaller town. We have a skilled work force, a low cost of living and, most importantly, a high quality of life. Explore our site to learn more about what makes Hornell an irresistible place for work, home and play.

Investment in Rail Industry

The city of Hornell, New York, has been a leader in the railroad industry for more than 160 years. Trains traveling the Erie Railroad between New York City and Chicago made a central maintenance stop in Hornell and the city prospered as the railroad grew. In 1976, when the main rail shop closed, the City of Hornell IDA stepped in and purchased all of the railroad properties in Hornell, including over 800,000 square feet of rail buildings. In doing so, the IDA bet on the future of railroad transportation and the quality of the city’s rail-oriented workforce. The investment paid off—the buildings are all now successfully leased to railroad-related businesses that are vital to our local economy.

Erie Depot

The Erie Depot on Loder Street was 24 hours away from being torn down by its owner, Norfolk Southern railroad, when the city of Hornell and the City of Hornell IDA teamed up to save the building. Refurbishing the structure was, at its heart, a true preservation project—over $2.6 million in financing was secured to adapt the once-vacant building into first-class office quarters for Alstom. This unique structure also houses 2 museums and is used as a community space by various social service and educational institutions, providing needed services and programs to the residents of Hornell and the surrounding areas. 


Creating partnerships that bring jobs and economic benefit to the area is a primary goal for the City of Hornell IDA. Our relationship with Alstom is a fantastic example of such a partnership. In 1997, the IDA successfully negotiated with Alstom to sign a long-term lease with us for over 800,000 square feet of existing space and since have built a new car facility for $6.6 million and leased to them. Alstom’s contracts for new and remanufactured locomotives and transportation systems continue to create jobs for the community and keep Hornell on the map as a railroad city.

Airport Industrial Park

With many industrial businesses either expanding or moving into New York State, the City of Hornell IDA identified the need for an industrial park in the area. Our first industrial park was developed adjacent to the Hornell Airport. The original park footprint filled quickly, so an additional 80 acres and an $8.5 million airport expansion were soon necessary. The expanded Airport Industrial Park is now the site of over 10 thriving businesses, including Dyco Electronics. There are about 40 acres remaining for development.

Shawmut Industrial Park

With the purchase of 12 parcels of land (from 9 different property owners) on the former Shawmut Railroad site and a successful application for federal assistance, the City of Hornell IDA successfully converted a former brownfield into a thriving business park. The Shawmut Industrial Park houses the expanded Alstom motor shop and includes a new 40,000-square-foot facility leased to a ceramic tile company, all translating to jobs and economic benefits for the area. There is a total of 140,000 square feet of new construction on site and about 25 acres remaining for development.

South Yards Industrial Park

The area known as South Yards stood vacant until the City of Hornell IDA purchased it from Conrail. An infrastructure of new access roads and new water and sewer lines was created, and the 60-plus acres of land became the South Yards Industrial Park. There are currently 3 facilities on site, with over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including Lin Industries, Gray Manufacturing Industries and Alstom. There are currently over 25 acres of land available for development.


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