Spring Business Mixer 2017 at City Hall!

June 27, 2017

 The Hornell Area Chamber of Commerce held the first Business Mixer of 2017 on June 15.  The Mixer, hosted by Mayor Hogan & the staff of the City of Hornell, had about 65 members in attendence.

Mr. Griffin welcomed all the members and thanked the City of Hornell for hosting the event.  Mr. Griffin also commented the City of Hornell has been a member of the Hornell Area Chamber of Commerce since the Chamber formed in 1942.  Mayor Hogan made a brief speech regarding the positive outlook of the future of Hornell.  He state, "There is a trememdous amount of interest in commercial activy in our community and in the industrial activity in Hornell."  After stating he will be retiring as Mayor, he commented, " I am very proud to have been your Mayor for the past 32 years, but am most proud of the entrepreneurial spirit of this community and that's a testament mostly to you."

Members enjoyed appetizers prepared by Johnny Carbone, owner of The Main Place, and beverages served by Justin Recktenwald, owner of The Brute and Wild Brute Winery.

A special thank you to Mayor Hogan, Barb Perrott & Mitch Cornish for all their assistance, and to all the Chamber Members who attended!