September 3, 2008

The monthly meeting of the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency was held on September 3, 2008 at 12:30 PM, at 40 Main Street, Hornell, NY.


Samuel Nasca, Chairman
Shawn Hogan, Treasurer
George Prete. Vice Chairman
Dave Parmley. Asst. Treasurer


Joseph Foreman, Secretary


James Griffin, CEO, Executive Director
Wanda White, CFO, Administrative Assistant
Bob Clark, Reporter, Evening Tribune
John Dagon, Attorney


Chairman Nasca opened the meeting at 12:30 PM.  Chairman Nasca presented the minutes in absence of Secretary Joseph Foreman for August 5, 2008.  A motion was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by George Prete to approve the minutes as presented.  Carried All.

Treasurer Shawn Hogan presented the financial report for the month of July. 2008.  A motion was made by George Prete, seconded by Dave Parmley to approve the financial report as presented.  Carried All.


The Audit Committee Chairman, George Prete, stated that the Audit Committee met on September 3, 2008, and approved bills in the amount of $182,739.06 for the month of August, and also approved bills in the amount of $60,856.22 for the month of September.  A motion to approve actions of the Audit Committee, was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by Shawn Hogan.  Carried All.


The Personal Committee Chairman Shawn Hogan, had no report. 


The Governance Committee Chairman, Samuel Nasca, stated that two IDA bills had not been acted upon but may be acted on by December 31, 2008.

The fate of the 4% school/property tax cap may pass if Democrats take over the Senate, otherwise the 4% school/property tax cap will not pass.  He stated there is a freeze on hiring and other things going on in Albany.  Nasca stated there would be an IEDC conference in Atlanta Georgia on October 18-21, 2008.  He urged all members to attend.  A motion to accept Chairman Nasca’s report was made on motion from George Prete, seconded by Dave Parmley.  Carried All.


Generalli Property - Executive Director Griffin stated that the Generalli Property transaction had closed and presented a map of the property purchased. The IDA did purchase the land in the Town of Hornellsvilleas the IDA is now able to do projects in the Town due to the State Law prohibiting IDA’s from doing projects outside their municipalities has expired.  Griffin stated he had received a letter from Pat McAllister, Attorney for the Town of Hornellsville, regarding 9.3 acres of land the IDA has title to and the City has title to 3.9 acres along the Avenues of the Oaks.  Mayor Hogan agreed to deed over to the Town of Hornellsville, 10 acres of this land.  Griffin said that we needed to sort out the 10 acres and come back to the Board for a resolution.

Trikeenan Gas Guaranty – National Fuel would not accept IDA’s guarantee which said the IDA would guarantee Trikeenan’s gas bills up to $30,000 for a period of thirteen months which would allow Trikeenan to establish their credit. Our backup to that is a three party agreement that Attorney John Dagon drafted between the City, IDA, and Trikeenan which would allow the City to reserve  $30,000 from Trikeenan’s Small City grant to back the IDA’s guarantee.  A Resolution was placed before the Board authorizing the Agency to enter into an agreement guaranteeing up to $30,000 for thirteen months with the utility company conditioned upon us getting the three party agreement signed.  A motion was made by George Prete, seconded by Dave Parmley to approve the Resolution.  The Resolution was put to a vote on roll call, which resulted as:

Nasca – Aye
Prete – Aye
Parmley –Aye
Hogan – Abstained
Foreman - Absent

The resolution was therefore passed.


TTA - An attorney representing a party buying land at 85 Bennett Street notified the IDA that they were encroaching on IDA property.  Griffin said that he explained that the property belonged to TTA and they have all rights of ownership.  TTA has tried to donate 30 feet of land to property owners but owners would not pay for the survey or the deeds. 

Lowes – Griffin said that agreements would be signed, including the PILOTS and we would be able to close on ownership by the IDA by the end of the year. 

A motion to enter into Executive Session was made by George Prete, seconded by Dave Parmley. 

The regular meeting reconvened at 1:15.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:20 PM upon motion from Shawn Hogan, seconded by George Prete.  Carried All.


Respectively Submitted,
Joseph Foreman, Secretary