September 24, 2009

A regular meeting of the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency was held on Thursday, September 24, 2009, at 4:00 PM, at 40 Main Street, Hornell, NY.


Samuel Nasca, Chairman
George Prete, Vice Chairman
Joseph Foreman, Secretary
Shawn Hogan, Treasurer


Dave Parmley, Asst. Treasurer


James W. Griffin, Consultant, CEO
Wanda White, CFO, Admin. Asst.


Chairman Samuel Nasca called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.


Secretary Joseph Foreman presented the minutes of the 8/26/09 meeting.  A motion was made by Shawn Hogan, seconded by George Prete to accept the minutes of the 8/26/2009 meeting as presented.  Carried All.


Treasurer Shawn Hogan presented the financial report for the month of August, 2009.  A motion was made by Joseph Foreman, seconded by George Prete to accept the financial report as presented.  Carried All.


Audit Committee Chairman, George Prete, presented the audit report for September,  2009.  He stated the Audit committee had met on September 24, 2009, and approved payments in the amount of $678,250.86 for the month of September.  A motion was made by Shawn Hogan, seconded by Joseph Foreman to approve the actions of the audit committee.  Carried All.


Personnel Committee Chairman, Shawn Hogan, had no report


Governance Committee Chairman Sam Nasca, reported on the following topics:

  1. IDA reform legislation was bottled up and at the end of session was not signed by the Governor – might get considered in the special session in September.
  2. Public facilities extender held pending the handling of the IDA reform.
  3. NYSEDC conducting a forum at Watkins Glen on what will follow the elimination of the Empire Zone Program in June of 2010. The forum conflicts with our plans to attend the annual IEDC meeting in Reno.
  4. The Reno IEDC educational program covers four different subjects that are important to contemporary economic development:
  • Environmentally favorable green project
  • Utilizing existing facilities to promote economic development
  • Utilizing resources that we already have
  • dealing with the unrelenting changes of the global economy 


A motion was made by George Prete, seconded by Shawn Hogan to approve the Governance Committee report.  Carried All.


CEO Griffin stated that he has started the process of transferring the 10 acres of land near the airport to the Town of Hornellsville.  Harris Beach is preparing the paper work.

CEO Griffin informed the Board that the Flax Trust Luncheon in NYC was on  10/14/09.  Also the Flax Trust Reception would be in Washington as they would honor Jeff Finkle on 11/18/09.  Mr. Griffin asked Board Members to let him know of their interest in attending either.

CEO Griffin informed the Board that we reviewed our CD’s and investments and made a few changes with our investments.





There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM upon motion by George Prete, seconded by Joe Foreman.  Carried All.


Respectfully Submitted,
Joseph Foreman, Secretary