November 1, 2012

The regular meeting of the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency was held on Thursday, November 1, 2012, at 3:00 PM, at 40 Main Street, Hornell, NY.

PRESENT: Samuel Nasca, Chairman
               George Prete, Vice Chairman
               Shawn Hogan, Treasurer
               David Parmley, Asst. Treasurer
               Joseph Foreman, Secretary


ALSO: James Griffin, CEO, Executive Director
          Wanda White, CFO, Administrative Asst.
          Christine Loman, Reporter, Evening Tribune
          John Dagon, Attorney
          Jamie Johnson, SCIDA

Chairman Nasca called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.


Secretary Joseph Foreman made a motion to accept the September 27, 2012 minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Dave Parmley. Carried All.


Treasurer Shawn Hogan presented the financial report for the month of September 2012 as reviewed by our accountants Mengel, Metzger, & Barr. A motion was made by George Prete, seconded by Joseph Foreman to approve the financial report as presented. Carried All.


George Prete, Chairman of the Audit Committee, stated that the Committee met on November 1, 2012 and approved bills in the amount of $42,132.31 for the month of October. A motion was made by Shawn Hogan, seconded by Joseph Foreman, to approve the actions of the Audit Committee. Carried All.


Mayor Hogan, Chairman of the Personnel Committee stated there was no report for the month of October.


Samuel Nasca, Chairman of the Governance Committee stated that the Board attended the IEDC Annual Forum in Houston Texas and the educational sessions were excellent and well attended.


STREDEC & NYSERDA - Mr. Griffin, Chairman of STREDEC, stated that STREDEC would enter into an association with NYSERDA which provides energy programs across the State for existing and new businesses.

Griffin stated He attended a meeting of the NYSEDC Board in Syracuse and spoke with Senator DeFrancisco, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Senator DeFrancisco said that Empire Zone businesses whom had their benefits suspended could expect to have their tax credits reinstated within the next year. Senator DeFrancisco also felt that the Fracking issues would be resolved in November to avoid starting Public Hearings over.

Griffin also stated that policy and procedures with PARA and PAAA was discussed at the meeting and stated we were in compliance with the list of policies and procedures passed out at the meeting.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - Griffin also stated that representatives from the IDA, Chamber of Commerce, City of Hornell, BOCES, City School District, Alfred State College, and major employers would meet on November 14, 2012 for a roundtable discussion of ways to better provide training and educational opportunities for all area residents. The meeting will be at the Hornell High School Learning Center at 4:00 PM. This meeting will allow us to identify skills that local employers need and to and address future job opportunities. Also we want to talk with the State University of New York about doing more distant learning by teaching local schools college courses.

SOUTHERN TIER NETWORK – Griffin reported that he had requested an update on the marketing effort. The latest update was that sections of the

network have been completed that would affect us in Steuben County running from Corning to Canisteo. There are still more areas they are working on and should be completed in the next few weeks. Hornell is #2 on the list to be completed.

FRACKING – The subject of fracking was discussed among the Board. As stated at the NYSEDC Board Meeting, Senator DeFrancisco felt that the Fracking issues would be resolved in November to avoid starting Public Hearings over.

WNYP – Executive Director Griffin stated he attended a Southern Tier Rail Authority meeting and stated there was a grant made available to the Southern Tier Rail Authority for $880,000 to repair three bridges in Allegany County and WNYP Railroad is holding off in spending the monies. Two of the bridges are in Alfred Station that was previously washed out. As a result of the meeting they agreed to go ahead and start work on the bridges. Another thing they discussed was closing down the Hornell Gateway because of no traffic but the agreement was they will not close the gateway but always make available for freight if needed.

TRIKEENAN – Griffin stated that the Agency agreed to repair for the settling of the building occurring mostly in the office area for $15,000 but Griffin stated that it may come to more than the $15,000 and he will return to the Board with new estimates for the slab.

TRAVEL – The Board members were encouraged to attend the IEDC Leadership Summit in January.

AIRPLANE – George Prete asked about the status of the Airplane which is to be turned over to Jet Smart with a lease purchase agreement.. Mr. Griffin stated that he had spoke with Jet Smart earlier and they stated that they needed to replace a panel. Mr. Griffin stated the Board needed to be ready to sign the contract with Jet Smart as soon as the plane was delivered to Hornell Airport. The Board had no comments on the operation agreement or lease purchase agreement which will be implemented and handed off to Jet Smart.


The December Meeting will be held on December 5, 2012, at 5:00 PM and the Christmas Party will be after the meeting at the Hornell Golf Club. The Retreat will be in Watkins Glen on January 10-11, 2013. Notices will be going out next week.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM upon motion from George Prete, seconded by Joseph Foreman. Carried All.


Joseph Foreman