December 16, 2015

A regular meeting of the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency was held on Wednesday, December 16, 2015, at 5:05 PM.

PRESENT: Samuel Nasca, Chair
George Prete, Vice Chair
Shawn Hogan, Treasurer, CFO
Joseph Foreman, Secretary
Dave Parmley, Assistant Treasurer/ Assistant Secretary
ALSO: James Griffin, CEO, Executive Director
Margaret Frungillo, Administrative Assistant
John Dagon, Attorney
Chuck Peacock, CSS Workforce NY

Chairman Nasca called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM. Chairman Nasca reported that there was a quorum for the meeting. Secretary Foreman presented the minutes of the October 29, 2015 meeting. A motion was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by George Prete to approve the minutes of the 10/29/15 meeting. Carried All.

Treasurer Shawn Hogan presented the financial statements for October & November that had been e-mailed to the Board prior to the meeting and reviewed by our accountants Mengel, Metzger, & Barr. A motion was made by Joseph Foreman, seconded by Dave Parmley to approve the financial report as presented. Carried All. 


Audit Committee – Chairman of the Audit committee, George Prete, reported that the Audit Committee had met on 12/16/15 and approved bills in the amount of $58,722.92 from the operating account for the month of November. A motion was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by Joseph Foreman, to approve the actions of the Audit Committee. Carried All.

Personnel Committee – No report

Governance Committee – Chairman Nasca asked Shawn Hogan, Chairman of the Personnel Committee, to have the Board discuss extending the Executive Director's contract for another year and that it be handled at the next meeting.
Chairman Nasca stated that in order to be in compliance with the IDA travel policy pre-approval for the Board to attend the IEDC leadership Summit in New Orleans January 24-26 is required. Nasca also requested approval for travel to Albany in January for the 2016 Economic Development Conference. A motion was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by George Prete, to approve the actions of the Governance Committee as presented. Carried All. 


URI – Griffin stated that the Southern Tier Region has been awarded the Upstate Revitalization Initiative in the amount of 500 million dollars for 5 years. The City of Hornell IDA has been awarded a $30 million grant, this grant will be used for the development of a Center for Advanced Transit Training and skill upgrades. The center will be located at the SKF building. Griffin requested that the IDA Board form a task force consisting of Shawn Hogan and himself to meet with Alstom, CAF and Bombardier to determine the types of training required and which educational institutions to utilize for the training. There will also be office space for WBE and MBE businesses.
The funding will also be used for upgrading in the South Yards to run the electric required to build a new ¾ mile test track for use by Alstom.
Alstom is supplying $150 million in five years towards the infrastructure of the new building, this program can also be included in a match with the URI grant.
NYSEG has agreed to put $400,000 towards the South yards project and the IDA is still negotiating the cost to transport the rail cars with Norfolk Southern.
Additionally the funding will be used for owners of downtown buildings to remodel the second floor to make apartments. The funding will be awarded with a five to one match. 

LOWES- Executive Director Griffin stated that we have received the signed PILOT agreement with LOWES. The PILOT payment will be $400,000 this year and $300,000 the next year, after this Lowes will go on the tax rolls.

Gray/ Alstom- Executive Director Griffin reported that the appraisal on the building in the South Yards that Alstom is currently leasing and that Gray Manufacturing will be leasing has been completed by Dave Wolfanger. Griffin requested that the Board accept the appraisal in accordance with PAAA. The notice of transfer will be sent to the State to process, which takes 90 days, then the IDA can complete the final negotiations with Dave Gray. A motion was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by Joseph Foreman to accept the appraisal as presented. Carried All.

ALSTOM- Alstom requested that the six months of reduced rent that ended in December be extended until 5/1/2016 while the IDA continues negotiations with them on a new agreement. This will decrease their rent by $180,000. A motion was made by Shawn Hogan, seconded by George Prete to approve the extension in the amount of $180,000.

The motion was put to vote on roll call, which resulted as follows:

Samuel Nasca – Aye George Prete – Aye
Shawn Hogan – Aye David Parmley – Aye
Joseph Foreman – Aye

The Resolution was duly adopted.

Brixmore- Executive Director Griffin reported that he had a meeting with Brixmore which included their leasing agent, Vice President of Property Acquisitions and the CEO of Brixmore in New York City recently and the company has a plan laid out to extend the north end of the Plaza. The main issue that has to be resolved is in developing a north bound turning lane that will be required.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be January 28th, 2016.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:57 PM upon motion Dave Parmley, seconded by George Prete. Carried All.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Foreman, Secretary