August 31, 2010

A Special meeting of the Board of the City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency was held on August 31, 2010, at 3:30 PM.

PRESENT: George Prete, Vice Chair
Shawn Hogan, Treasurer
Joseph Foreman, Secretary
Dave Parmley, Asst. Treasurer
Samuel Nasca – Tele-conference

ALSO: James Griffin, Executive Director
Wanda White, Admin. Asst.

George Prete, Vice Chair called the meeting to order.

Executive Director Griffin presented a Resolution adopting the 2010 Retirement Incentive Program for the Agency. The Resolution would give the Agencies employee an option to take an early retirement by 12/31/10 and increasing vested years by one month per year.

A motion was made by Dave Parmley, seconded by George Prete to adopt the Resolution.

The Resolution was put to a vote by roll call, which resulted as:

George Prete – Yea
Shawn Hogan - Yea
Shawn Hogan – Yea
Dave Parmley – Yea
Sam Nasca – Yea

The Resolution was thereupon duly passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph Foreman, Secretary